Creative Writer for YOW Surf.
11/2022 - Present 
- Recent articles -

- YOW — Trial & Error.
A Marta Davila Mateu Portrait.
- YOW — Sascha Borrey. 
A Sascha Borrey Portrait. 
- YOW — Kazushige Fujita.
A Kazushige Fujita Portrait.
Creative Writer for C-Heads Magazine.
01/2021 - Present
- Recent articles -

- “Believe, work hard, have fun, and share it.”
In Conversation with Da Chick.
It shines and disappears.
A Series by Sebastien Abes.
- “Passion means the urge to just have to do something.
The World of Jonas Schilders.

Creative Writer for Bundu.
01/2021 - Present
- Recent articles - 

- Bundu introduces Harry Wyld. 
An Artist Collab with UK's finest. 
- Not just another T-shirt.
Bundu introduces 'Nice to Meet Me'.

- Lost in Colombia's concrete jungle. 
Bundu goes Colombia.

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